"During the summer, we used our Chromebooks for typing programs and Stride Academy. Stride Academy allowed our students to work on all grade level subjects through various games. This was a high-interest site that kept our students engaged, motivated, and competitive. We used typing programs to help strengthen their speed. Robert did a wonderful job working on coding with 3rd, 4th and fifth grade students. They enjoyed spending time with him and were excited to learn coding. All of the programs we implemented this summer are also being used during this current school year. Teachers are able to keep track of their students' progress through the Chromebooks. We are truly enjoying the Chromebooks and very thankful for them."

- Mamie Lewis (After-School Care and Summer Camp Director, EPIC Elementary)


"The Chromebooks have been truly helpful to our school and students. The Chromebooks are used daily in each k-5 Classroom during small groups and intervention. They are used to integrate technology into our daily curriculum. They are also used during administration of the District and State Assessments. The Chromebooks donated to the school help us to complete our goal to have enough devices that all our classroom assessments’ are administered simultaneously. The Chromebooks have been truly significant in helping our school program run more smoothly. Our students and faculty enjoy them and greatly appreciate them." 

- Karen Williamson (School Counselor, Central Park Elementary)

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